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Snorkeling in Lake Malawi
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Some of the world’s finest freshwater snorkeling & scuba diving can be found on the Continent of Africa

When people think of Africa they think of its wildlife and safaris. They may be somewhat familiar with the map of Africa, but not many are aware of Malawi. Malawi is one of Africa’s smallest countries. In addition to its diverse and unspoiled wildlife parks, Malawi is dominated by Lake Malawi, a magnificent body of water, 365 miles long and 52 miles wide. It is teaming with life including over 400 species of cichlid fish, a lot of which are endemic to it. Most of Lake Malawi’s astounding underwater diversity is protected within the Lake Malawi National Park which is a World Heritage site and also one of the first in the world set aside for the protection of freshwater fish. The end result is that Lake Malawi offers some of the best freshwater scuba diving and snorkeling in the world.

This website was established with two goals in mind.

  • For people who are interested in going on a safari, a vacation can be customized for you that will allow you to combine a few days at Lake Malawi to take in a little scuba diving or snorkeling, either before, during or after the safari portion of the trip.
  • For people primarily interested in a scuba diving or snorkeling vacation, if you select Lake Malawi, you can easily work a safari into that vacation.

When you are planning an African safari, just tell your booking agent that you want to combine freshwater scuba diving or snorkeling with a safari. The safari portion of your trip can be in Malawi, Tanzania which is to the north of Malawi, or Zambia and Botswana which are to the west. Your Booking agent will help you decide on this.



More Information about Lake Malawi

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